Shading / Powder Brow

Glam Up with Shading & Powder

Shading/Powder brow is a look that is more of a makeup or glam look. I feather in the color with a light tattoo machine, to create an ombré look from light to dark. Lighter in the bulb of the brow closest to the nose and darker on the tail of the brow. I numb you with a topical anesthetic for this procedure.

*6-8 week touch-up is required for full transformation*

Price: $530

Touch-up 6-8 wks: $65

Approx. 4 hrs.

Cancel Fee: $50.00 72 hrs or less

Healing time and aftercare: 10-15 days
Color lasts: 2-5 years
Pain Level: 0-3
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